More Products

Antifoam PTH

Reactive silicone antifoaming agent for general use without the normal problems suffered with conventional silicone antifoaming agents.It is very stable and easliy dispersable. Very efficent even at high temperatures.

Dispersolo AS40

Levelling auxilliary for cotton,polyamide and wool dyeing with difficult levelling.

Dispersolo PA/90

Levelling and migrating agent.

Deterwet M A.C.

Excellent no-silicone Wetting and Antifoaming agent for preparation processes by exhaustion, Pad Batch or Pad Steam. Appropriate for water repellent finishing.

Catalyst MG

Catalyst for textile finishing, with melamine/formol resins, DMDHEU (glyoxal) or propylenurea. Like our Novapret KBG.

Catalyst S-200

Resin cross-linking promoter, suitable to be applied in conjunction a reactive or glyoxalic resins for 3D permanent creases effect on denim. Like our Novapret KBG/C.

Catalyst VL/AG

Resin cross-linking promoter. Suitable to be applied with Novapret series resins.

Deterlene PM

Specific detergent for cleaning dyestuff stains. Adequate to clean dyeing machine after pigment dyeing.

Deterpal AJ-T

Non ionic, low foaming detergent/wetting agent for removing oil from cotton, PES/CO, PES, PA, etc… it does not contain silicone.

Detersolv CA/25

Soaping auxiliary with dispersing proprieties for later treatment of dyeing and printing. Saving water consumption and time process.

Dispersolo O LIQ.

Non ionic, dispersing agent for general use.

Novopol SE 580

Non ionic, concentrated dispersing agent in powder form. It's also a good anti-backstaining on denim.

Novalase BTT/4

Alpha amylase derivative enzyme for removing starch based sizers and it blends.

Novacel BT/DS

Cellulase for biopolishing and denim abrasion. It can work at wide range of pH (5,5 to 8), with similar results. High contrast on denim article. Very low "back-staining".

Novacel L CONC

Acid cellulase enzyme for antipilling treatment (biopolishing) on cellulosic fibres mainly cottons.

Novalac XC PLUS

Enzymatic product formulated and buffered specifically for discolouring Jeans as a substitute for hypochlorite. Very effective.

Novastone Neutral MR

Efective Neutral Cellulase for jean treatment partially or totally substituting pumice stone. It contains a buffer system for working at ph 6’7.

Oxitase MX-N

Catalase which offers an efficient processing during hydrogen peroxide elimination step after bleaching.

Prowash LH

Neutral or slightly alkaline protease enzyme for preparation and finishing of wool and natural silk fabrics.

No-Temp series

Pigments series especially designed for dyeing process, like Chalk Look dyeing.

Novawash Range

A special dischargeable dyeing system to obtain colored "denim look".

Novoprint Range

Pigments series for dyeing and printing.

Novantic Range

A combination of selected dyestuffs with a special mordanting agent suitable to obtain superficial dyeing to offer a "vintage" or "old look" effect.

Mordant BE

Mordant agent on cellulosic fibres, for carryng out very superficial dyeing with soluble Novantic dyestuffs.

Mordant Old CONC

Mordant agent on cellulosic fibres, for carryng out very superficial dyeing with soluble Novawash dyestuffs. Suitable to be used for Novantic dark shade.

Mordant Old WASH

Mordant agent on cellulosic fibres, for carryng out very superficial dyeing with soluble Novawash and Novantic dyestuffs.

Mordant PM

Mordanting (cationizing) agent for ALL-IN PIGMENT Dyeing. "All In" process carrying out the mordenting, the dyeing and the fixing in one bath.

Novofix Jeans

Indigo fixing agent formaldehyde free for cellulosic fibres. It decreases abrasion effect during "Stone Washing".

Novofix FF25

Formaldehyde free fixing agent for Novantic, Novawash, direct, reactive and sulphur dyestuffs.

Novofix FP NEW

Auxiliary for pigments fixation during dyeing processes. It's formaldehyde free.

Novapret KBG & Novapret KBG/C

Reactive resin compound based on DMDHEU, with low formaldehyde content. Suitable for parmanent effects on garments or 3D permanent creases effect on denim. Pre-Catalyzed version is availbale (KBG/C).

Novocryl DMS/45

Emulsion of acrylic polyners-based resin for finishing. To be applied in conjunction a reactive or glyoxalic resins for 3D permanent creases effect on denim and garments.

Novocryl S-FD

Dispersion of acrylic esters polymer. Hard touch. Suitable in conjunction with Novocryl DMS/45 to be used into 3D resin system to improve scraping.

Novapret NF/CT

High quality resin 100% formaldehyde free content, suitable for wrinkleproof, permanent and unshrinkable finishings.

Novaperle CS

Flurocarbon emulsion that offers a water and oil repelling effect on all kinds of fibres.

Novapret PD

Polyurethane resin for textile industry.

Base CS 100

Cationic softener in flakes with anti-static properties for general use on cellulosic and syntetic fibres. Available liquid version Noamin CS.


Quaternized fatty acid ester softner in concentrated form. Very good handfeel on denim.

Microfinish BP NEW

Silicone microemulsion based softener appropriate for exhaustion and continuos processses. Appropriate on all types of fabric. Not yellowing.

Microfinish H

Non ionic softener based on Silicone microemulsion, applicable in processes with a low level of yellowing. It maintains fabric hydrophility offering a cool, fall and comfortable handle.

Noamin AZ NEW

Anti Ozone Cationic softener with antistatic properties for the finishing of Jeans with a protective effect on the indigo.

Noamin PE NEW

Softener/Lubrificant based on non ionic polyethylene dispersion.

Novapret Glass

"Ready to use" compound to obtain semi-permanent coloured leather shining effect without press, by polish only.

Mold 85

Special molding resin for semi-permanent virtual creases on denims. It gives "paper" handle and a natural slight yellowing typical of vintage look.

Novapret R-FP

Resin for Mud effect on garments.

Base Novatex In

Levelling agent to be used during Novatex Moon process.

Intense Cel Plus

Indigo darkness improver properties on denim. This is also a finishing agent on cellulasic fibers and blends that increases its shades.

Remover KMN/3

Product for special indigo bleaching on tablets form, to obtain Sky Stars effect.

Super Grey/P

An oxidizing agent to achieve special effects on denim, greyish effect or partial stripping.

Ind Plus Spray

Compound "ready to use" containing Indigo dyestuff especially designed for spray application.

Printlake S-Paf

Elastic, colourable and covering lacquer "ready to use" (water based) for printing on garments. Cure at room temperature. PVC, phthalates, APO and formaldehyde free. White also available.

Printlake S-T Extra

White covering lake. Extremely soft handle and high film elasticity.

Printlake S-110

Reserving printing with reactive, acid and disperse dyestuff. Soft hand and elastic film.

Printlake S-PF

Compound ready to use for tridimensional "Puff" elastic effect with pigments.

Printlake S-PEACH

Special compound to obtain coloured Peach skin effect. Also spray application is possible.

Novoprint Devore

Product to add on printing paste based on guar in order to obtain devorè effect on polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose, silk-cotton items.