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Some more information about Officina+39

We are a team with common passion for textile world and fashion. Officina+39 combines experience of real professional people, devoted to anticipate, develop and support market demands related to garment field. Officina+39’s real heritage is made up of thirty-year experience dedicated to research and chemical application in textile sector, and present engagement to transmit it to new technicians generation.

Italian Style

Intuition and approach to innovations - essential ingredients of Italian creativity - together with continuous research of materials and new processing technique, make Officina+39 ideal partner in trend garments production.

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A workshop of new ideas

A workshop of new ideas coordinated by qualified technicians, dedicated to application home lab, creating new "effects" and finishing. Officina+39 offers a selected range of chemical specialties, dyestuffs and pigments, in particular, for denim and garment fields. Collaboration with customer to create new prototypes, supporting with selected eco-compatible chemical auxiliaries and innovative processes able to guarantee a possible and prompt industrial execution.
This is our mission.