Officina+39 offers a selected range of chemical specialties, dyestuffs and pigments, in particular, for denim and garment fields.


The technologies for the coolest garment

Deterpal TSK Eco* & Deterpal EP-Q

Officina+39 has developed innovative technology for textile & denim applications with renewable & recyclable raw materials. Deterpal TSK Eco is a dispersing compound made from 25% recycled content. Deterpal EP-Q is an universal dispersing antibackstaining agent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved.

Novastone Multi New

Enzymatic powerful compound for desizing and abrasion of denim garments in only one-phase with excellent contrast. Suitable to work also as neutral enzyme at cold temperature.

Catalyst PER

Catalyst PER is a powerful Potassium Permanganate activator to be used on denim indigo or dischargeable dyestuffs. It reduces Potassium Permanganate dosage more than 50%.

Dispersolo Aged

Dispersolo Aged is a unique product to obtain natural "aged effect" on garment. It's an agent able to change the shade of cellulosic fibres, obtaining a special yellowish-brownish shade effect. Suitable to obtain "rusty effect".

Novatex Chips

Irregular grains product to obtain special effects on denim and garments.

Novalac XC Plus*

Enzymatic laccase formulated specifically for discolouring Jeans at low temperature, as a substitute for hypochlorite. High contrast and bleaching effect. Ecological discolouring of jeans. More bluish shade compared standard laccase.

Reducer MG

Reducer MG is a powered sodium hypochlorite and permanganate neutralizer compound auxiliary. It’s used for denim and garments treatment. Very bright and whitish results compared common neutralizing agents. Avoiding yellowish and odors free.

Catalyst CL New*

Catalyst CL New is a special product able to activate reaction of chlorine in indigo bleaching with sodium hypochlorite. Less aggressive bleaching reducing considerably dosages of hypochlorite: it is suitable for fabric containing Polyurethane/Spandex. It maintains more final bluish indigo shades compared common activator in the market.

ZF 3D System

ZF Creases System is an innovative resination process Formaldehyde Free for 3D permanent effect creases on denim and fashion garments. Thanks to its innovative components DMDHEU (glyoxal) free, ZF Creases System ensures total resistance of fabrics and 3D permanency. The system is based on 3 innovative products, specially designed for garments, when need compliance with regulations to protect human health (suitable for babies garments).

*GS products


Exploring the art of colors and brights

Novapret S-PF

Novapret S-PF is a New Self-Cross Linking Compound. Very soft handle and curing at room temperature. Oven is not necessary. Formaldehyde free.

Chalk Look

In "Chalk look" effect on garments, sewing remains white or raw, like a straight line. Polymerization is not required.

Novofinish PDA

Compound "all-in-one" to obtain vintage bicolored garments in one phase.


Novawash series represents special dischargeable dyeing system to obtain colored "denim look". A combination of selected dyestuffs, with a special mordanting agent, permits to obtain a very superficial effect with very contrasted dyeing. Post-treatments with pumice stone, potassium permanganate, acid wash, NOVATEX MOON, NOVAPRET KOR/Mn, REMOVER Series are possible.


Novantic series are a combination of selected dyestuffs with a special mordanting agent suitable to obtain superficial dyeing to offer a "vintage" effect. It's able to obtain a complete exhaustion to ensure a good reproducibility batch to batch. Vintage look is very similar to pigment Dyeing. Light Fastness is 4-5. No dirty machinery and stripping is possible.


A complete dischargeable dyestuffs range. Also to be used in combination with Novapret P-MS for dischargeable CPD effect.

NoWater Gel Dyeing

NoWater Dyeing is a new dyeing process in gel form. Ecological process: no residues in the water treatment plant.


The details make the differences

Deterpal F33 - Optichem F33/Co

Dispersing agent for increasing the contrast after Stone Wash treatment of Jeans. It improves the blue/white contrast. appearance and clean ing of the Jeans. Also Optichem F33/Co Powder product version containing OBA is available.

IND Plus

IND Plus is a "ready to use" product containing real indigo dyestuffs. It can be used on PFD garment to obtain genuine indigo look. Bleaching, discharge with Permanganate and enzyme wash are possible post-treatments.

Intense Cel Block

Indigo blocker compound, it is excellent to be used on denim garments. It gives soft hand feel.

Noamin Az New

Cationic softener I anti-static agent for finishing of Jeans with a protective effect on the indigo agents such as Ozone.

Novafoamer Extra

Novafoamer Extra is a timing stable foaming agent for random bleaching effect with chlorine.


Novamet are a special selection of coloured pigment to obtain unique "sand effect". This is a very superficial effect, with very natural touch. After abrasion garment appears naturally aged.

Novapret Sand Series

Compound ready to use to obtain special dirty effects on garments. It works in a dry system, saving water and energy.

Novapret Glass New

Compound "all-in-one" to obtain colored leather effect without press, by polish only. No need catalyst.

Novapret PD-Luc/N

Transparent product, based on self-reactive resins, to obtain brilliant Leather-like effects, without calendaring/press machine or polishing. Possible to add any pigment for shining coloured look.

Novatex Moon

Novatex Moon is a powered product used to achieve unique acid wash finishing. It's used for garment and Denim "worn" decolorizing finishing in powder form. It is a short process and it works in a dry system at cold temperature, saving water and energy.

Novapret Laser

Compound ready to use specially formulated to obtain colored effects with laser.

Novapret Kor-Mn

Novapret Kor/Mn is a powered product in Gel form that removes dischargeable colours or indigo in easy way. It's used for garment and denim special decolorizing finishing. It works in a cold temperature system, saving water and energy1

Novocryl S-TP New

It is a thermo-adhesive compound suitable for Patch l Due its composition water-based, Novocryl S-TP gives soft and elastic hand feel.

Novapret Oil

Ready to use preparation based on resins to obtain oil effects on fashion garments and denim. Typical dirty effects of the "mechanical workshop", with oily hand feel.

Printlake Metal

Printlake Metal is a range of products ready to use to obtain metal effect by printing, coating or spray application. Metal colours range includes neutra I Pearl (to be coloured with any pigment), Silver, Gold and Copper. Great soft handfeel and very high rubbing fastness.

Protex Zip/LF

Protex Zip/ LF is a inhibitor of metal corrosion. It avoids stains caused by zips, press studs and buttons, in dyeing or washing of garments.

Remover Cl/3 & Remover Kmn/3

Products for different indigo bleaching and dischargeable look in tablets form.

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